Day 1

We arrived at Manastirea Humorului and we were welcomed by the hosts.

In the first day we started with the welcome activities.  The methods used were: Ice-breaking; knowing-each-other exercises, team building and trust exercises (outdoors).

Morning welcome activities involved icebreakers and energizers. For example, the Dracula puppet game was a introduction energizer involving a puppet and the participants. One of the participants is the catcher and has the puppet.  The objective is to catch the other participants with the puppet touching it on the belly but the players can protect their bellies with a hug so the catcher can’t access their belly.

After the energizer, an icebreaker was made with a goal that the participants of the project introduce themselves to the group. Small piece of papers with different traits have been given to them and they had to pick three traits given and explain why. The goal of that icebreaker was for the participants to introduce themselves.

This activity was followed by the NGO Gala-the presentation of the participants’ organizations (prepared before the course).

After that we had a discussion about Erasmus+, about the opportunities offered by the Programme and about Youthpass. We also made an extremely colourful Erasmus+ flower with everyone’s help.

We also had some raising awareness tasks prepared at home by each organisation.
We prepared a short theatre performance on the topic of one type of discrimination: age, wealth, political believes, nationality, race, sex, religion, sexual orientation, looks, illness/ handicap .

We  started working at the ROST blog, ROST mini guide and ROST movie.

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